Video Games: What do I get from them?

I know that my audience is currently very minimal and I largely write this for by own benefit but regardless I must apologise. It has been a bit of while (what an understatement) since I have posted as I have been very busy with my final year of studies. I thought I would make the… Continue reading Video Games: What do I get from them?


Should we judge history by our moral standards?

Today I pose a question. I'm not entirely sure I will be able to answer it without resorting to writing a novella length essay on the subject but I pose it all the same and maybe it will make you re-think your position on some of the discussed matters. Does it make sense for us… Continue reading Should we judge history by our moral standards?

My thoughts as to the ‘origin’ of the universe

I thought I'd start big by discussing some of my thoughts as to the nature of the universe. I think regardless of whether you are theistic or atheistic, your beliefs as to the exact circumstances surrounding the birth of the universe require some level of faith. I say this because of the difficulty, verging on… Continue reading My thoughts as to the ‘origin’ of the universe