Diving into the deep end

So I decided to write a blog. I have been considering this for a little while, as some sort of outlet/hobby/method of procrastination. At the same time it might be beneficial for stress relief purposes to write for the pure enjoyment of it. I tend to be quite an opinionated person and as such I think it might be a fun way of putting ideas or views on to paper. Some of these views will be well researched and cast iron. Others, not so much. I aim, if possible, to present a fairly balanced view.This will be easy on a lot of issues but on some it will be hard to relinquish ground to the opposing view. However, I am always adapting and changing my views and as such this may be reflected in my future writing. I also hope to improve my writing skills in the process of all this.

My topics will cover a wide array of things including but not limited to: politics, history, music, literature, video games, social justice, history and any other nonsense that may pop into my head. I may even write some things that tie in a little to what I study at university. However, this is not a blog about my life. Instead it is bite-sized food for the mind… hopefully.


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